Our Favorite Things

Culinary Nutrition Classes

Periodic themed classes where you get to jump right in, learn some recipes, try new ways of cooking and hopefully gain some insight into how to make your food work FOR you and your family.

Not a cook? Not a problem!  You’ll get all the instruction and knowledge you need. Sign up for our email list to hear about upcoming classes.

Kitchen & Home Edit

Have you been yearning to make some changes to make your home and kitchen more healthy but don’t quite know where to begin? We can help!

There is so much information (and misinformation) out there, but let’s start with what feels manageable and far from overwhelming. We can create a plan together and help keep you motivated along the way.

It’s never too late to begin…

Garden Consults

There is so much beauty in wild and natural spaces and yet it can feel incredibly daunting to take the leap. While certainly not your average manicured garden, our goal is to always keep things as minimal as possible as fair as care and maintenance.

Your garden should be as unique and wonderful as you and ideally, will provide just enough of everything you are missing now. Let’s get you started with resources and ideas to create the right space for you and your loved ones.